Thursday, November 4, 2010

C.L.E Radio 2 Hour Mega Mix

C.L.E Radio Presents the Fall Mega Mix! 2 Hours non stop music from your favorite artist and HCR's own DJ Eklectic hosted by Yung Hayte...I mean Docwatson.

1. Without You, NuLife Music, NuLife Music
2. Hollistic, K-Drama, We Fit: The Work Out Plan
3. Praise Him, Dillon Chase, Pause Mixtape
4. Black Church White Church, Voice, Christ is King
5. Addicted, Frontlynaz, Addicted Maxi-Singe
6. Fight Music, PRo, Redemption
7. Stand Firm, D-Maub, Inside Out
8. Right Above It, theBREAX, Free Single (Mixtape Movement)
9. We Can BE More (Gentlemans Remix), Sho Baraka, Lions and Liars
10. High, Lecrae, Rehab
11. My Hood, Coldstone, The Unseen
12. Boombox, Rhema Soul, Fingerprints
13. Slim Down, K-Drama, We Fit: The Work Out Plan
14. Goon, JSON , City Lights
15. Invasion, Trip Lee, Between Two Worlds
16. Deeper than Rap, PRo, PSA Mixtape
17. Shut Us Down, Sho Baraka, Lions and Liars
18. Survivor, Sean Slaughter, The Prototype
19. Fly Away, Rhema Soul, Fingerprints
20. Parent Me, JSON , City Lights
21. Just Like You, Lecrae, Rehab
22. Does anybody Know, Japhia Life, Nazareth
23. Increadible, Jai, Increadible
24. I Made it, Breezy aka MP4G, Why Cant I Be Orininal Mixtape
25. Live as it gets, Move Merchants, Move Merchants
26. Not Hame , Jovan Mackenzy, Strangers and Pilgrims
27. Sex, Nifty, Free EP
28. Street Life, A Smoove, The Decleration of Dependance
29. Dedicated it all to you, Rhema Soul, Collaboration Project

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yung Hayte Radio

Yung Hayte takes over for Docwatson while he's on Vacation...we miss Docwatson...nuff said.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

C.L.E Radio features Sean Slaughter

C.L.E Radio features Sean Slaughter for the September episode. Docwatson and Sean Chop it up about his new album, Yung Hayte and of course his many other God given talents....check out the show!

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Monday, August 9, 2010

C.L.E Radio Features K-Drama (WE FIT)

C.L.E Radio gets it in with K-Drama and discusses his new album We Fit. The album is an illustration on getting spiritually why does Yung hayte say that cant be K-Drama's body?

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Artwork Provided by Eric Chaffer

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

C.L.E Radio Features new artist Coldstone

C.L.E Radio features Coldstone and his new album Unseen. Coldstone was serving in Iraq when his new album dropped but has recently returned home. After serving his country he now is gearing up to get behind his new album recently released off of Fadacy.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

C.L.E Radio Features JSON

C.L.E Radio features JSON...the new record City Lights is dropping today!!!

Make sure you check out the interview to hear JSON's motivation behind his

highly anticipated project.

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Friday, July 2, 2010

C.L.E Radio Features PRo

C.L.E Radio Features PRo this month..You dont want to miss this interview if your looking for some inside leaks to the album..this is the place and time to hear all of them..We also discuss the 18 months in between releases and what was going on behind the scenes. If your a fan of the music PRo does or just a fan of Christian Hip Hop this is a must listen.

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