Monday, November 30, 2009

C.L.E Radio interviews Alpha Projects Excelsius

Check out C.L.E Radio as we chop it up with Excelsius from the Alpha Project!

This interview includes a FREE mixtape!!! Make sure you download the free 20 minute mix after you listen to the gives you a different perspective on the artist and gives you something to bump...from your folks at C.L.E Radio!!

Listen Here!

Download the mixtape here!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

C.L.E Radio Interviews Pro

C.L.E Radio Interviews Pro. Why is Pro's music content changing right before our eyes. This brother has totally stepped in the light 100 percent. Check Out the interview and see what he has gone through. Done forget to download the free mixtape.

This Weeks Playlist

1. Pro Intro, Pro, C.L.E Radio
2. Pro Interview 1, Pro, C.L.E Radio
3. I'm Sorry, Pro, Pro Single
4. Pro Interview 2, Pro, C.L.E Radio
5. Murder Swag, Pro, Pro Single
6. Pro Interview 3, Pro, C.L.E Radio
7. Thi'sl, Lifeline, Chronicles of an X-Hustler
8. Pro 20 Minute Mixtape, Pro and DJ Eklectic, C.L.E Radio