Wednesday, July 29, 2009

C.L.E Radio Inteviews N.W.J What does that stand for!?

Check Out N.W.J on C.L.E Radio. I know what your thinking..what does N.W.J Stand for? Hmmmmm check the show to find out..I think Yung Hayte talks about it in the beginning of the show.

Check the Playlist!

Listen Here!
1. I Live, Applejaxx, Future Trailier

2. Party Tonite, Andale', White Flag

3. I'm Sorry, Pro, Redemption

4. Change, Promise, DJ Eklectic Mix

5. Transformers, Tedashii, Identity Crisis

6. N.W.J Interview Part 1, N.W.J, C.L.E RADIO

7. Put Ya Hands Up, N.W.J, Takin it Back

8. N.W.J Interview Part 2, N.W.J, C.L.E RADIO

9. Shut em Down, N.W.J Feat. Kingston and Da Prince, Takin it Back
10. N.W.J Interview Part 3, N.W.J, C.L.E RADIO

11. Everything, N.W.J Feat. Pro and Natalie, C.L.E RADIO
12. On the high, K-Drama, Boom Baptism

12. Holy Holy Holy, Blaze, He Reigns

14. Marvelous Light, Mark J, An Everyday World
15. Enter My Gates, Jay May, For His Glory

16. Stunna Shades, G-Notes, Bright Lights Magic City


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